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Botsuraku Kizoku no Tame no Teekyu (没落貴族のためのてーきゅう, Teekyu for Ruined Nobles) is the opening for the anime Teekyuu for the entire first season, which runs for twelve episodes.

TV Version[]

shitteru? teekyuu
mite iru? teikyuu
yonderu? teekyuu
yatteru? teikyuu

nandaka yasashii kaze no you
nandaka oishii mochi no you

oiteru? teekyuu
medeteru? teekyuu
chingin ga deru yasumi wa? yuukyuu

nandaka urusai machi no you
nandaka toutoi hibi no you

<poem> 知ってる?てーきゅう 観ている?庭球 読んでる?てーきゅう やってる?庭球

なんだか優しい 風のよう なんだか美味しい 餅のよう

置いてる?てーきゅう 愛でてる?てーきゅう 賃金が出る休みは? ゆーきゅう

なんだか煩い 街のよう

なんだか尊い 日々のよう

Do you know? Teekyuu
Are you watching? Tennis
Are you reading? Teekyuu
Are you doing it? Tennis

It's kind of like a gentle wind
It's kind of like a delicious mochi

Are you putting it aside? Teekyuu
Are you loving it? Teekyuu
Time off where you receive a salary? A paid vacation

It's kind of like a noisy town
It's kind of like valuable days

Episode Appearances[]

  • "Once in a Lifetime with Senpai" (Season Beginning)
  • "Caribbean with Senpai"
  • "Gold Rush with Senpai"
  • "Goonies with Senpai"
  • "DENGEKI with Senpai"
  • "Waterworld with Senpai"
  • "From Russia with Love with Senpai"
  • "Born on the Fourth of July with Senpai"
  • "Dinner Rush with Senpai"
  • "Up the Creek with Senpai"
  • "Nacho Libre with Senpai"
  • "The Sixth Sense with Senpai" (Season Finale)