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Once in a Lifetime with Senpai
Season 1, Episode 1

October 7, 2012



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"Caribbean with Senpai"

Minor Title[]

First Court (1) - Forrest Gump


Yuri holds a tennis ball as she screams "Here I go, Kanae!", getting ready to hit the ball over the net to Kanae for her to hit it over. "Bring it!" Kanae screams as Yuri throws the ball up to serve it. As the ball comes to Kanae's reach, she screams "Purunkoppesooai!" while holding a scared face as the ball goes flying past her.

Kanae looks at Yuri with a cute-glimmering face and says, "How was I, Yuri?". Yuri replies with an honest statement of, "It was pretty awful. Can you take a stance?" As this is said, two photos appear next to the two girls, saying who they are and what their age and grade is, and who their Voice Actor is. After the boxes disappear, Kanae presents a stance called "Demon Stance", which increases her max MP by 20%. Yuri asks what Kanae's dominant hand is, and she replies with, "Dominant hand? No clue." with a little shocked face. Yuri asks how she holds chopsticks, and Kanae says she eats naan with her bare hands.

Kanae tries to swing, but after she grabs onto Yuri and suddenly gets very tired after one swing. Yuri pushes her off and says that she is getting better at tennis, but not very well. Yuri turns around to see Kanae "getting oxygen". Finally, Yuri decided to have her try to hit the ball. Kanae replies with "Okay. I swear to God I'll hit it this time!". Yuri hits it over and Kanae misses numerous amounts of times; and soon enough she used "the stance". Kanae hugs Yuri tightly and cries while complaining and wondering why she can't hit it.

They try again, and Kanae screams "Die die die!". Yuri tells her that she's loud but Kanae said she was only trying to motivate herself. After hitting it over yet again, Kanae screams "Die!" and finally gets it over, although it went super fast and straight to Yuri's stomach. This turns into a dramatic scene between Yuri saying that she finally hit it over, but Kanae should be more careful next time. Yuri goes from trying to loud confusion when Kanae uses her unordinary chances to start sinking into the floor.



  • This is the first appearance of two main characters.



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